Today, we have Erik Coleman in the house!

Erik is America’s Craft Beer Consultant & Concierge and Co-Host of “What Are We Drinking About?” Podcast. His mission is to create the ultimate craft beer & beverage experience for everyone, whether it’s an individual, group, or business.

His craft beer journey started by helping my father, and a group of his close friends, launch the Ellicottville Brewing Club in 1990. They turned part of the family garage into a 3 tier, 2 barrel brewing system creating the Ellicottville Brewing Club & Two Hands Brewing.

Growing up and being surrounded by this started his obsession with good, quality craft beer! And few years later, he decided to make his passion for craft brewing a full-time and Beer By Coleman was born. This is when the magic started to happen!


Who is Winetasters Choice? We are an adult beverage promotional agency based in Texas, serving TX, LA, FL, AZ, NV, CO, CA, AZ, MN, MO, AR.

Education is a passion of ours, hence the Youtube channel.

Who is Curt Sassak?

Curt Sassak is a 35-year veteran of the food and beverage world. Formerly a chef for 27 years, he is the president of Winetasters Choice. Would you like more information about how Winetasters Choice can help your tasting program generate more revenue and brand awareness?

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About the author

Curt Sassak is the president of Winetasters Choice, a promotional agency based in Texas and serving seven states. Curt is a 35-year veteran of the food and beverage industry, with the first 27 years of his career spent as a chef.

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