Where can Winetasters Choice demonstrate my product?

We are qualified to demonstrate your product at any retail establishment that allows third parties to exhibit and provide sample products to customers.  We have relationships with major grocery and off-premise alcohol retailers in every city where we demonstrate. In addition, our Brand Ambassadors can work at qualifying conventions, trade shows, and independent festivals.


We currently operate demonstrations in the following states:

  • Texas
  • California
  • Florida
What is the hiring process at Winetasters Choice?

Our ideal candidates possess:

  • Strong interpersonal and communication skills,
  • Computer literacy
  • Reliability
  • Attention to detail
  • Reliable transportation


Each candidate is interviewed by our operations manager.  Pertinent alcohol or food handling certificates required by state law must be provided before the hire date. 

What makes Winetasters Choice Brand Ambassadors different?

Unlike many of our competitors, our Brand Ambassadors are W2 employees, as opposed to 1099 contractors.  Consequently, we have greater retention, less turnover and, more importantly, Brand Ambassadors work free from tax issues.

What training is done to ensure success of Winetasters Choice Brand Ambassadors?

Each new hire must undergo one on one training with our sales trainer, a consultant with Winetasters Choice who retired as Vice President of Sales Training with a private service company with over 90 salespeople generating more than $1.4 Billion dollars annually.

Our training program includes both product knowledge and selling skills, as well as company policy and procedures.  Each new hire undergoes an initial evaluation, followed by specific training tailored to the Brand Ambassador.  Each new hire spends 90 minutes in a real-time demonstration with the sales trainer in addition to phone or Zoom initial training.

Can I train your Winetasters Choice’s Brand Ambassadors on my products?

Certainly.  In addition to the professional sales training we provide, we welcome your participation in the continuing education of our Brand Ambassadors. We are happy to advise you of the costs incurred by your company training.

What is required of your Brand Ambassadors at my demonstration?

We project a professional standard.  Our standard attire is business casual; however, we can alter our attire to suit your needs without incurring costs to our Brand Ambassadors.  All our Brand Ambassadors are focused and conversational during a demonstration.  Brand Ambassadors stay engaged with customers and refrain from using technology while working with customers. 


What reports does Winetasters Choice provide?

Winetasters Choice prides itself on the reporting capabilities we provide to our clients.  Each Brand Ambassador completes a survey on our proprietary app via their phone or table. We document how many samples given out, number of bottles sold, total dollars revenue generated by product, as well as other important data points like opening inventory, pictures of products on shelves and store traffic.


Can Winetasters Choice customize reports to my specific requirements?

We can, provided that our Brand Ambassadors are able to capture the data, for an additional fee.

How does Winetasters Choice schedule my demonstrations?

Based upon the requests of the client, we have a dedicated, full time professional who will coordinate your company’s days/dates of demonstrations with our website, where each Branch Ambassador will have access to select your demonstrations.

Can I select the Brand Ambassador for my product?

We would prefer to avoid that kind of partiality due to locations of demonstrations and home address of our Brand Ambassadors.  You have our commitment that each Brand Ambassador will perform to the highest of professional standards. 

What happens in the event of an emergency and the Brand Ambassador can’t make the demonstration?

Our Brand Ambassadors know the importance of keeping commitments once made.  If a demonstration must be rescheduled, our professional scheduler will make every effort to find a stand in.  In the event a demonstration must be cancelled, we will promptly notify you and reschedule it at the earliest of conveniences.

How are my demonstrations set up?

Each Brand Ambassador is required to purchase a standard kit, which includes a table, black tablecloth, wine cooler, wine key opener, (sometimes referred to as a sommelier knife), and 1 ounce plastic cups.

Are Winetasters Choice Brand Ambassadors fully licensed?

Yes, we require a copy of their respective state alcohol beverage control board certificate.  In addition, some of our Brand Ambassadors are also licensed food handlers, should that be a requirement.

We may have a special request from time to time, how does Winetasters Choice handle those?

We will strive to meet any special request given the constraints of availability of Brand Ambassadors, time, location, and weather.   

How does Winetasters Choice handle the purchase of bottles for sampling?

We provide company credit cards to each Brand Ambassador.  They use those cards to purchase ONE (1) bottle of each product sampled.  A receipt is photographed and uploaded, as part of the survey.   We will include the total cost of the samples in our invoice to you.

Speaking of invoices, how does Winetasters Choice handle invoices?

We download all the data input from the application our Brand Ambassadors utilize during the demonstration.  Included in your invoice is

  • Store Name
  • Demonstration ID number
  • Date of demonstration
  • Product name
  • Price of each product
  • Number of Samples
  • Number of Bottles Sold
  • Number of Bottles Opened
How does Winetasters Choice measure their Brand Ambassadors results?

Each Brand Ambassador goes through a professional sales skills training in addition to product training.  We have a senior sales executive, who works in consultation with us to provide each new hire with a sales process and sales skills training.  That training includes a personal call, a Zoom meeting and a 90-minute on location demonstration training.   We publish rankings for each Brand Ambassador by samples, sales, revenue, and conversion ratio each month.

Is Winetasters Choice Insured?

Yes, we have all forms of necessary insurance


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