What is the “Secret Sauce” to Success with In-Store Tasting Programs?

Some view demo programs as a waste of money. While there are several factors that contribute to this view, one of the main reasons I’ve identified over the years is due to A lack of a strategic approach.

Let me shed some light on how our strategic approach can significantly drive your revenue with in-store tastings.

Common reasons brands fail to achieve their goals for their in-store demo program include, but are not limited to the following:

– Product mismatch with the store

– Subpar promotional agencies

– Wrong day of the week

– Wrong time of the day

– Insufficient inventory

– Inappropriate market

I’ve had the privilege of collaborating with hundreds of brands over my tenure with Winetasters Choice.

Every brand who has had success with Winetasters Choice has one thing in common, and that “secret sauce” is Their commitment to a strategic approach.

I want you to think of our strategic approach as Transforming Your Physique:

Much like achieving a fitness goal, a successful in-store demo program requires consistent effort and repetition over time. If you consistently eat well and exercise, you’ll see results. However, any deviation or inconsistency can derail your progress.

Similarly, approaching in-store demos in this manner of emphasizing consistency and repetition, is the “Secret Sauce” to achieving desirable results. 

If growth in sales, improving brand awareness, or introducing a new product is your objective, our “Secret Sauce” is the path to achieving the results you seek.

The “PT Method”

At Winetasters Choice, we employ what we call the “PT Method,” inspired by personal trainers who transform physiques. It is THE Secret Sauce to success, emphasizing:





Here’s how it works:

– You determine your monthly budget.

– We work with you to identify the ideal stores/markets for your products.

– You schedule tastings in advance to secure prime days/times. Or, alternatively, we can schedule for you, which is included in our premium package.

– Our team of highly trained and successful brand ambassadors demo the same product(s) in the same store ideally 2 times per month for approximately 6 months. (I cannot stress this point enough)

-You monitor the program by reviewing our reports, shipments to the stores and having your reps solicit feedback from the store buyers. 

-Just like the personal trainer monitors your form in the gym, we can make needed adjustments to the program

Consistency and repetition is the key here

Without it, results of improved revenue, enhanced brand awareness and new product introductions will likely not succeed.

Here are more specifics about selecting stores and approach

-Let’s say you want to demo your product in 50 stores in a given state following our strategic approach. 

-Start by selecting a set number of stores for the first 6 months. Provided you see growth, scale back (don’t stop) demos in those stores

-Then, take some of the money you would have used for demos in that first set of stores, and invest it in another set of stores and repeat the process for the next 6 months

-Keep repeating this process until you’ve hit all 50 stores. Or, the ones you want to target

A Progressive Approach:

By chipping away methodically, you gradually establish your brand’s presence. Remember, consistent demos within fewer stores often yields better results than sporadic demos across a greater number of stores.

Budget Constraints:

If budget constraints are a concern, follow the process outlined above, but begin with a smaller number of stores. 

A common fear:

A complaint brands sometimes have is that they’ve invested a large sum of money into demos, only to find after 6 months that it was a waste

Not to worry. We provide you with weekly reports. Armed with this data, you’ll unlock insights into your program’s progress to make adjustments if and when needed. 

This way, there is no surprise 6 months later, and it saves you and your brand(s) money.

With our “Secret Sauce to Success we’ve witnessed remarkable results with this approach. Here are just a few examples: 

– Opolo Wines: 30% increase in revenue in Texas within 12 months

– Religion Tequila: 30% increase in revenue in Texas in an 8-month period

– Italo Cescon Pinot Grigio: The top-selling wine for the importer among hundreds in their portfolio. Also, one of the top-selling wines in Costcos in Texas

– Vina Robles Cabernet Sauvignon: #2 selling cabernet in Krogers in the Dallas-Fort Worth area

The Truth About Promotional Agencies:

While some agencies may have earned a poor reputation, our strategic approach has consistently delivered results for our clients.

Don’t let past experiences or the misconception that “demos don’t work” deter you from the potential of a well-executed program.

In closing, I invite you to consider the long-term benefits of our strategic approach to in-store tastings. It may not show immediate numerical gains, but, much like consistent exercise and healthy eating, the rewards will become apparent over time.

Please email or call me at the number below to set up a free, no obligation consultation.

Thank you for your consideration.

Warm regards,

Curt Sassak


Winetasters Choice



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