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Winetasters Choice is a promotional agency in the state of Texas, and are currently working to expand out of state. While our focus is brand promotion for wine, we do anything and everything from beer, liquor, non alcoholic beverages, food products, and even non-food items.
How are we different from other promotional agencies? Our ambassadors are employees, not contractors, which is the standard in the promo world. Because our ambassadors are employees, we are able to hold our team to higher standards. This benefits you, because we can ensure we represent you in a manner befitting the reputation you and your products.

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Average of 50%-100% increase in revenue

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Meet the President

Curt Sassak

Curt Sassak

Curt is a 27 year veteran of the 5-star world of luxury hotels and resorts; the pinnacle of customer service. Our mantra at Winetasters Choice is to make our guests feel welcome and remove the intimidation, and misconceptions that are found in the world of wine. We do that by hiring only those who possess character traits which are synonymous with professional and friendly individuals. We then further develop our team through training, follow up, and open communication.


We not only have had a good sales relationship with Winetasters Choice, but a great one.  We are pleased with the professionalism and their results


Kroger, Bartonville, Texas

We are soo happy to have Winetasters Choice ambassadors here.  They often sell all the wines they're promoting at their demo!


Whole Foods Domain, Austin, Texas

The demos with Winetasters Choice ambassadors have been great, and we "do exactly what we are supposed to be doing." Thank you for the great work


HEB, Pearland, Texas

We always look forward to our demos with Winetasters Choice! They have some of the most courteous & professional demo representatives! We are always very pleased with the service & products we receive!


Beverage Buyer-Whole Foods, El Paso, Texas

I have been consistently impressed by the quality salesmanship that the representatives of Winetasters Choice provides. Professional, and able to make the sale, not just give samples


Whole Foods, El Paso, Texas

Your ambassadors do quite a good job here. Sold almost a case of each of the three wines, which was substantially better than we expected, considering it was a slow day.  I am very impressed.


HEB Far West, Austin, Texas

Your ambassador Brian, did a fantastic job, and sold a case of each wine!! We would welcome him back anytime, and we greatly appreciate him!


Central Market, North Austin, Texas

I love having Winetasters Choice ambassadors in my store. The sales reflect very positively, even getting sales after the fact throughout the week.  They do a great job, and I am very pleased with the arrangement.


HEB Burleson, Texas

I really appreciate everything that Thyra does for us. She is very thorough, and very outgoing with my customers. My customers enjoy her very much. When she's not here, they're always asking for her.  I do request her all the time, because she is very fun, and a joy to work with.  We would love to keep Thyra here at this store as she does an amazing job for us.

Elaine Warren

Kroger, Studemont, Texas

Brian was really great. He was very helpful in the department.  He assists customers with unrelated questions, and does a good job. He sold through an entire case of the primitivo alone, which is what we really like to see.  He is very friendly and professional.  Thank you.


Whole Foods Domain, Austin, Texas

I am the wine buyer at Whole Foods Plano. Your ambassador Wayne is by far the best demo partner. We love his positive attitude, and stellar guest service skills! He is killing it for us! I wish we had more like him.  Thank you!!


Whole Foods, Plano, Texas

I am the wine manager at Kroger Denton. I love working with Winetasters Choice. Their ambassadors are always punctual, polite, professional, well dressed, and handle themselves well.  I have never had a single problem with anyone, and am always happy when I know they are coming, because I know I don't have to worry about a thing when they are here.


Kroger Denton, Texas

We work at Costco Sugarland, and we really enjoy working with Winetasters Choice. Your people look very professional, are polite, and their display is also very organized and professional

Lisa and Mike

Costco, Sugarland, Texas

Out of all the demo agencies I use, Winetasters Choice has the best people.  I love your people!


Sherri is fantastic. I cannot say enough good things about her.  The customers love her too, and she has developed a great relationship with the regulars

Paul Schertz

Always friendly, always professional, and knowledgeable about the wine


HEB, Austin, Texas

I have been consistently impressed by the quality salesmanship that the representatives of Winetasters Choice provides. Professional, and able to make the sale, not just give samples


In my role as wine specialist for Whole Foods Market Gateway, I have worked with numerous wine demo companies. Winetasters Choice consistently sends the most professional, enthusiastic, and knowledgeable representatives. I see them as a valued supplement to my wine department and my guests regularly relay their shared satisfaction to both myself and my leadership

Mika Jordan

Wine buyer, Whole Foods Gateway, Austin, Texas

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