Basics of whiskey in under five minutes!

In this video, I explain the basic differences between the most common whiskeys, such as Scotch whisky, Irish whiskey, Japanese whisky, bourbon, and so on.

There are many misconceptions surrounding wine, liquor, and beer, and we want to break down those barriers, to help you make smarter decisions when purchasing your adult beverages. After all, knowledge is power!


Who is Winetasters Choice? We are an adult beverage promotional agency based in Texas, serving TX, LA, FL, AZ, NV, CO, CA, AZ, MN, MO, AR.

Education is a passion of ours, hence the Youtube channel.

Who is Curt Sassak?

Curt Sassak is a 35-year veteran of the food and beverage world. Formerly a chef for 27 years, he is the president of Winetasters Choice. Would you like more information about how Winetasters Choice can help your tasting program generate more revenue and brand awareness?

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